Côte d’Azur

43°07’40.0″N 6°12’40.6″E
Nice (France)

stone / handmade silver ring


To Catch a Thief, Alfred Hitcock (5 August 1955)
with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

When the jewelries of millionaires are stolen in French Riviera, the former burglar and member of the French resistance John Robie “The Cat”
is the prime suspect of the police. John convinces the Lloyds of London insurance agent H.H. Hughson that a copycat is committing the
burglaries and he offers to chase the thief to prove his innocence, requesting a list of possible victims in the spot.
He befriends the wealthy American widow Jessie Stevens that is in the list and her spoiled daughter Frances Stevens falls in love for him.
When Jessie’s je When Jessie’s jewelries are robbed, Frances blames John, but her mother believes in his innocence and decides to help the retired burglar to catch the real thief.