Trepesci is a project characterized by an extensive research on the marine ecosystem that lead in a series of scientific linocuts dedicated to the study of fishes, mussels, corals, plankton and seaweed. It’s been explored traditional printing techniques such as Gyotaku, linocut and silk printing. The constant sailing and frequentation of the Mediterranean Sea, of the Aquariums all over Europe and a love for scientific publication, have also grown a production of hand-printed fabrics impressed with embossed linoleum mold handmade carved.

Subsequentially the research brought to the creation of a collection of jewelleries inspired by fishing lures, as expression of fishing techniques both of salt and soft water, a bond between man and this enviroment. The process operated on these objects is not about transformation but trans position instead: once the hook is removed, they’re used as pendant charms, love lures.

Trepesci are three Flying fishes playing together.


Vera Scaccabarozzi is a free lance landscape architect and collaborates with important architecture and landscape firm.
She is a tutor fellow at the Department of Architecture and Design of the Genoa University, course of Product and Event Design.
In 2015 she had established the brand Trepesci dedicated to the sea.


* * *

All the pictures are taken by Michele L Mulas photographer